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Food connects. Food is culture. But food is also ethics and morals. Consumers are increasingly critical about how food is produced and marketed. Therefore, a strategic approach from product development to food marketing is essential.

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As a former food & beverage manager with international work experience, I know what is important in food marketing. My experience and eye for detail allow me to develop customized solutions and make great products memorable.

The last few years have changed many aspects of life. The way food is inspected, shopped for and consciously enjoyed are just a few of those things that have changed greatly. The food industry is directly affected by this. Food marketing will also have to respond to these trends and changes.

The pandemic has shown us that we need to be more conscious and sustainable with our planet. And so eating behavior, the way we shop and the perception of different products has also changed.

In this time of change, my goal is to make authentic products visible and successful on the market by means of food marketing consulting and individual support. I also write about food marketing trends regularly on my BLOG.

You want input in your food marketing business? Do you need help with the development of a product?

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As a food marketing consultant, I work alone or in a team, depending on the assignment. For larger projects, I am also happy to take over the organization, communication and implementation of your food marketing activities.
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